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November 26, 2015

Temu Karya Mutu dan Produktivitas Nasional or called by the name TKMPN is one of the largest improvement event in Indonesia that has been followed by more than 100 companies and more than 250 improvement team has performed at the event that had been held since 1997. At the TKMPN, each company compete present the best improvement they have done in each company.

The TKMPN XIX was held in Yogyakarta on 23 - 26 November 2015, and Padang Karunia Group as a member of Triputra Group compete in SS (Suggestion System) category. At this annual event, the team won Gold Award, and Padang Karunia Group was proud to receive this award as end of year’s gift.

October 12, 2015

This time, Padang Karunia Group present project improvement of PT Hamparan Mulya entitled 'Reducing Decrement of Coal Quality from Hole Drilling to Barge'. This project is motivated by the high rate decline in the quality of coal from drill data up to the barge. One of very significant and need huge effort from this improvement is to eliminate the Run of Mine (ROM) stockpile. In general, almost all coal mines in Indonesia using the ROM stockpile, but with careful planning and commitment, Operation team can execute the decision to eliminate the ROM stockpile with excellence. The effect of this improvement bring significant benefit for the company.

Opexcon 15 Conference was held on October 12, 2015 at Hotel J.W. Marriott Jakarta. On this occasion PKG Improvement Project was awarded the Silver Achievement. This achievement proving PKG’s commitment to carry out operational excellence as well as in implementing Triputra motto is Excellence through People and Process.

January 30, 2014

Housed in the Office of Manpower and Transmigration Central Kalimantan, an event was held Zero Accident Award to  companies that have successfully implemented Safety and Health program (K3) without accidents. That morning, 15 companies operating in the region of Central Kalimantan received Zero Accident Award. Represented by Regional Head - Central Kalimantan, Alifius Pakpahan and SHE Supervisor, Nugroho Tribayu, PT Padang Anugerah be one of the Zero Accident Award recipients that were given by the Deputy Governor of Borneo Tangah, Ir. H. Achmad Diran.

Zero Accident Award K3 is an award given by the government to the management companies that have implemented successful programs K3 thus preventing accidents in the workplace without losing work time. In achieving Zero Accident is not easy. Required a reliable system management K3 and K3 activity programs are executed properly.

October 30, 2013

QCC Cape Size Padang Kurnia Group re-gain achievement. Having previously been won the Second Prize in Triputra Improvement Forum (TIF) VIII, Cape Size QCC successfully won the Gold Achievement Award in Indonesia Operational Excellence Conference and Awards 2013 (Opexcon 13). This prestigious event was attended by more than 150 projects from companies engaged in manufacturing, services, and energy and mining.

Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC), and Indonesia Power. Riyantono, Director Opexcon 13, in an interview with the author tells us that this event is the largest convention of operational excellence in Indonesia which contains seminars and competitions. This is a unique event and the first in Indonesia to facilitate process improvement practitioners from a wide range of cross-industry. This allows the process improvement practitioner can learn about new things and strategy implementation not only of the same field, but also from other industries entirely different.