Products and Services Offered


We offer coal from our own mining (single mine), PT Hamparan Mulya with barging activity at port Bintang Ninggi, Central Kalimantan for export and domestic shipments with coal specification as following:

Hamparan Mulya Coal


Specification Unit Typical Rejection
Total Moisture % 28 -30 Above 30
Inherent Moisture % 14  Approx -
Volatile Matter % 40 Approx -
Ash Content % 8-10 Above 10
Fixed Carbon % By Difference -
Gross Calorific Value (“GCV”) ARB Kcal/Kg 5,000 - 4,800 Below 4,800
Total Sulphure % 0.8 -1 Above 1
HGI % 45 Approx  
Size Distribution (0-50 MM) % Manually Crushed 85% Approx  


* Manually Crushed



PT Padangbara Sukses Makmur serves domestic and export shipments in almost every terms: FOB barge, FOB Vessel (Gearred and Grabbed/Gearless), FAS and CIF/LOCO (deliver to factory) through Jetty Sakti and Jetty Bima at Bintang Ninggi Port, Central Kalimantan.

Through our reliable services, we may cover shipments for local/domestic and export shipment with various delivery coverage.