Health, Safety & Environment

Padang Karunia Group (PKG) commits to create a safe and healthy work environment for all stakeholders, employees, contractors and anyone working within the operational areas of PKG in order to achieve zero accident during all activities.

In line with Government regulations especially Permen ESDM No. 38, 2014 about Implementation of Safety Management System on Mineral and Coal Mining (SMKP), PP No. 20, 2012 about Implementation of Occupational Safety and Health (K3) System and Corporate Triputra standards concerning SHE, PKG achieves Green Level status. This Green Level shows achievement in compliance of the requirements and zero LTI (Loss Time Injury) accident in our high risk environment.

Developing SHE Management System as guidelines in practical working and encouraging Safety, Health and Environment activities emerge SHE awareness to our people. PKG also adopt the spirit of Continues Improvement in any aspect include SHE aspect involving all employees and stakeholders.