Corporate Social Responsibility

PKG as one of the most growth mining industry group is very concern about social, society and environmental risk management. Padang Karunia Group aware that sustainable business should not only focused in financial and operational sector, but also determined by Social and Environment sector as an important unit. Thereby the company provides and prepares effective and productive CSR management programs to expand and maintain our society, environment and social.

The awareness of C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N values as core behavior of attitudes and motivation for our company employees to achieve its vision. One of these Values, “Nurturance” which means “Contribute significantly to develop the human capital, society and environment of Padang Karunia Group”. This value animates directly to every activities of Padang Karunia Group to achieve our vision and mission with total responsibility toward society and environment as accordance with UU No. 40/74 The Community Empowerment and Environment.

Within accurate identification of social mapping and focus with community aspirations among our concessions areas, our CSR Padang Karunia Group has focused in four major sectors as in; Economical, social and culture, health affairs & educational sector. PKG focus in developing and increasing the impacts to society and environment with transferring our values ​​to reach the harmony among communities and nature. These are some programs which have been conducted and still adding to ride in our growth as commitment to our values.

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