Training & Development

Padang Karunia Group belief that through the human resources, success of the organization can be achieved. Therefore we always try to support the development for each employees through skill and knowledge learning programs such as formal training and sharing.

As a subsidiary company of Triputra Group, Padang Karunia Group join in Leadership training programs run by Triputra Excellence Center (TREC) such as Triputra Manager Development Program and Triputra General Manager Development Program.

We also give a chance for employees who had an expertisement in particular area to share his/her knowledge to other employees. So we can have a lot of internal trainers to support learning programs in Padang Karunia Group.

CEO Triputra Group giving graduation certificate of TMDP Training Batch XV

TMDP Batch XV Training Participants with CEO of Triputra Group and the CEO of Triputra Group Subsidiary Company

Training Refreshment DELTA (Delapan Langkah Tujuh Alat) in Site Muara Teweh, Central Kalimantan