The company owns hauling roads and ports that managed professionally to support our production. To support our activities and to improve our services to our tenant, we have two main infrastructure location, Bintang Ninggi coal port located in North Barito regency and the Salat Baru in Ampah, East Barito regency. This infrastructures managed by PT Bahtera Alam Tamiang (BAT), a member of Padang Karunia Group.


First, North Barito - Central Kalimantan. We provide installation infrastructure with road construction, road maintenance for 26 km road hauling  with capacity  coal over 2 millions tons per year. Including Port infrastructure facility, Bintang Ninggi Port, barge to Barito river, Muara Teweh.

Starting from 2011, Bintang Ninggi Port  has been upgraded to 2 million tons capacity per year, It's provided with two unit Barge Loading Conveyor Sakti (700 MT/hour) & Barge Loading Conveyor Bima (500 MT/hour) with each jetty for shipping & barging.



Secondly, East Barito - Central Kalimantan, including road construction, road maintenance and road hauling for 47,40 km with 1,5 million tons per year. From 2010 we build Salat Baru Port. It's included with one Barge loading conveyor Salat Baru (1200 MT/hour) and to ensure our sustain commitment in infrastructure we are provided with one unit Un-Loading Conveyor in Salat Baru with over 3 million tons per year capacity.

Our resources plated with skills, commitment, quality, sustainable for growth and providing satisfaction in every aspect of our operations to our customer.  We glad to serve the market with best passion to develop best product and serve.